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LustreLab® LXR® Inc. is the latest innovation in automotive and vehicle cleaning technology. Our true All-In-One products LXR® and TBC™ replace the need for multiple wash liquids, wheel cleaners, glass cleaners, bug and tar removers and waxes… saving you time and money! Each time you clean you also renew and protect your investments.

LustreLab's patented Acrylionic™ formula is made with a high concentration of acrylic polymers, the same ingredients as your vehicles’ or bikes’ clear protective coatings. These polymers actually place a positive charge on the surface of your vehicle, which helps it repel dirt and grime.

These polymers also fortify and beautify the surfaces on your vehicle leaving behind a brilliant, streak free "harder than wax" shine. You'll never need to wax again! Our Acrylionic chemistry reduces surface tension creating a water sheeting effect. Spotting is thus eliminated because dirt isn’t collected and trapped in the water beads.

With LustreLab LXR products, your transportation stays cleaner longer and easily rinses clean between washes. The more you use it the less you have to. LXR and TBC are petroleum free, environmentally safe and are gentle on your skin. And, they are safe for use on all surfaces.

Our products give you multiple applications while eliminating the need to buy many individual cleaners, degreasers and waxes – an economic value that will keep your car, truck, bike, RV, snow mobile, jet skis and more clean and shining for a long, long time!

Satisfaction guaranteed!
LustreLab LXR guarantees complete satisfaction. If you are not entirely happy with our product, then simply return the unused portion within 30-days. We’ll gladly refund the purchase price (less S&H).

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